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How Printsweet can help new businesses

Setting up a new business requires a great deal of planning and work. We may not be able to help your choose your bank or accountant but we help you present your business with the right image.

Your business card

You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression - so image is everything. It does sound like a cliche but it is true! or almost... Sometimes you will get a second chance and that is the one that has to be really striking and memorable. You might meet someone, they take your card, put it in their pocket. Back at their desk they might take out your card... what does your business card actually say about you? Is it professionally designed and printed? Does it have the right information on it?

Your website

The next impression you might make will probably be your website. Same questions apply. Is it professionally designed and built? Or does it look like it's been built by the young-nephew-of-a-friend-who's-a-whizz-with-computers? Is your email linked to your website or are you still using a 'free' service? Think about the complete image you are presenting to your customers in the business world.

So what can you offer me?

At Printsweet we offer a design, print and website design & build service to make sure that from day one you are making the right impression.

We have over 30 years of practical experience helping businesses to get their image and marketing right. We can design a simple logo or a complete corporate brand, supply business cards and other stationery, help you write your marketing material and website, and design & build your website. We can even arrange buying the domain name and hosting! And it won't cost the earth or compromise on quality.

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